The BBG group materialized from an informal conversation between two friends, over lunch in a lounge of the Christian community they both frequent, where they talked about real estate investments and the lack of high quality services in the existing Florida construction sector.

Since then they have decided to take a risk and start a business from scratch and, as a first action, they bought an apartment with the intention of renovating it and selling it. After that, several Flip opportunities arose, which worked very well.

However, later on, they decided to change the focus of the company and started to develop new house projects.

Taking advantage of the know-how and experiences of the sector and with the good relationships built along the way with its partners, they built the BBG Group together, which today has a series of services for construction and Real State contributing directly to the improvement of the quality of life in the regions where it operates, as well as making the dream of home ownership for many families

In addition, it enables investing partners to achieve significant financial returns in relation to other types of investments.

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