Mission and Vision


To be recognized as a construction company in Central Florida that delivers the best return on investment to its investing clients.


Develop projects with a high standard of quality and low cost, enabling the acquisition of home ownership for its customers.


  • Trust in People, in their ability and in their desire to evolve;
  • Customer Satisfaction, serving you with an emphasis on quality, productivity and socio-environmental responsibility;
  • Return to Investors and appreciation of their assets;
  • Partnership between Members, who participate in the design and execution of the work, and the results they generate;
  • Self-development of people, especially through Education through Work, ensuring the Organization’s Survival, Growth and Perpetuity;
  • Reinvestment of Results, for the creation of new job opportunities and for the development of Communities.
  • Ethics in internal and external relations, as well as in the conduct of all processes and activities.
  • Transparency as a pillar of Corporate Governance and all businesses.
  • Honesty and Integrity based on Christian principles that guide all human relations and company activities.


 We were born from the dream of being a company where people work with pleasure and dignity. A truly ethical company, created to serve people and fulfill their customers’ dreams.
We are proudly a construction company that has a code of conduct and Corporate Compliance that guide the documentary and legal processes in order to preserve and protect the assets of the company and its customers. Honesty and respect are the basic principles in the development of our work.
It is our guarantee, as a Group, to carry out quality projects and establish lasting relationships with the market and with the communities where we operate

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